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The Power of Programming Well

Programming is just writing instructions for machines to follow. There are many who can write them, but it takes real talent to write those instructions well.

Programming is what allows us to customise our modern technologies.

Solve Your Business’s Pain Points with Software Design and Development

Software design and development isn’t out of reach for your business just because you aren’t a multinational software giant. On the contrary, while major software developers craft many of the programs and apps that countless people around the world rely on every day, many other pieces of software are proprietary products explicitly crafted to suit the needs of specific businesses. At Nightwind Developments, we can help you solve the pain points that are unique to your business by helping you create new programs or apps in-house …read more

Software Engineering in New Zealand Can Solve Your Tech Problems

In this technology-laden age that we’re living in, it’s difficult to dismiss its positive effects on business, hence the need for software engineering in New Zealand. To remain relevant, you may require the development of specific software such as an app for smartphones or tangible electronic goods. The team at Nightwind Development have experience in providing these solutions to assist in your operation …read more

We Help You Design and Develop with a Qualified Software Programmer

If you need a qualified software programmer to help you solve complex problems with technology, we are the team for the job. Our services range from building customised software to tangible electronic products to a combination when necessary. Choose Nightwind Developments for excellence through technology …read more

We Ensure You Have the Custom Software Development Team You Need

If you’re looking for a reliable custom software development team to help you build your dream technologies, we are the obvious choice. We provide a wide range of services to ensure you can get everything done in one place. Choose Nightwind Developments today and experience excellence in your technology …read more

Why Choose Us?

Solving (Your) Problems

Part of our role as engineers is to solve problems with technology. That is why we often say we provide solutions when describing our services. Our solutions can range from all sorts of mediums, from customised software to tangible electronic goods to a combination of both. 

We will work closely with you to ensure what we make absolutely solves your problem at hand. If something you need either doesn’t exist or its existing solutions aren’t adequate, we will custom make it for you.

Why Choose Us?

Going Above & Beyond

When we build something as a solution to you, we go above and beyond to ensure what we make for you is built to a high standard. 

This includes thoroughly researching any relevant background information, utilising service manuals, investigating existing solutions and working closely with other specialists to help us build it.

Why Choose Us?

Secure Design

It may sound like a no-brainer but when we design and build something, we always build it with security in mind and we work to ensure that what we make is as secure as possible.

This includes encrypting communication lines between devices where possible, identifying all possible points of vulnerability and ensuring that any data stored on our products are handled appropriately.

If it can be Programmed, we can help

We can create customised software for a wide range of devices.

Desktop PCs & Servers

Windows & Linux

Servers and many desktop PCs, such as laptops and tower PCs, are useful for their increased dedicated computational power. PCs are great for individual users who need to interact with the computer directly and servers are great for those who need to access shared computational resources.

We can help build, maintain and improve applications for your Windows or Linux machine.

MacOS Support Coming Soon. If required urgently, please enquire.

Smartphones, Tablets & Wearables

Android & Tizen (Samsung)

With mobile devices everywhere, it’s fortunate we can cater for them.

As of 2019, Android OS runs on more than 2.5 Billion active devices* with devices ranging from smartphones to tablets, smartwatches, smart TVs and even their newer vehicle optimised environment, Android Auto.

With the exception of their modern smartphones, Samsung runs Tizen OS on many of their consumer devices, ranging from smartwatches to appliances such as internet enabled televisions and refrigerators. 

iOS Support Coming Soon. If required urgently, please enquire.


Atmel, Particle, Arduino & Raspberry Pi

Microcontrollers are in nearly anything electronic that moves, beeps or makes noise. They can be used in all sorts of real-world applications, from controlling motors to reading environmental sensors and reporting back to you.

Our ability to program microcontrollers means we can provide a much more refined experience in automation and can help provide the brains for your next electronic gadget.

Based on a 2019 Tweet posted by the official Android Twitter account which can be viewed here.

“Raspberry Pi” and the Raspberry Pi logo are registered trademarks of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

“Arduino” and the Arduino logo are registered trademarks of Arduino AG.

Virtually Multi-Lingual

Just like people, there are all sorts of languages programs can be written in.

Our developers are knowledgeable in multiple programming languages, which means we can build applications for a wide range of devices.

C & C++

C and C++ are two of the most common and reliable high level programming languages. 

They are used to build applications for a wide range of devices with everything from embedded microcontrollers to desktop and server-side applications.


Java is a widely used programming language famous for it’s cross-platform compatibility. 

It is one of the core languages many Android apps are built from and can be used to build high level server-side applications..


C# (pronounced C-Sharp) is a programming language designed for the .NET Framework.

You will find that many applications made for the Microsoft ecosystem, including many Windows applications, are built using C#.


Commonly used on desktops computers and Raspberry Pi microcontrollers, Python is perfect for creating fast and easy to follow scripts on the go. 

Due to its versatile and simple design, we consider Python as the number 8 wire of programming languages.


JavaScript is a common language used to make and run many online web applications.

It can turn your static website into a full fledged responsive web application with much of the same experience as a dedicated mobile app.


Many More!

The great thing about programming languages is that once you learn one, it’s pretty easy picking up another.

If your application requires the use of a language not listed, contact us. We can make arrangements to help develop your application.

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