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Software Development

If it can be programmed, we can help. We can build software for a wide range of devices including many smartphones and tablets, PCs and servers and even microcontrollers!

Electronics Development & Prototyping

We offer a range of services specialising in robotics and high level electronics. 

We can program microcontrollers, design custom Printed Circuit Board plans, develop a prototype and even design customised electronics.

Home Automation

Perfect for those who want more out of a home automation system than what’s offered out of the box for many smart home devices. 

We can create custom made automation systems designed for you including creating customised processes and compatible software.

Agricultural Automation

We offer a range of automation services catered to the unique needs of farmers to help them save time and energy.

We specialise in creating customised automation systems, such as a climate based irrigation system, and remote environmental monitoring systems.

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