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It can be difficult trying to make a cookie-cutter style smart-home device work around your unique household.

Whether you want to breathe new life into old tech or have something new made for you, we offer a range of services tailored to providing you with a home automation solution that works for you. 

Welcome the Future with Home Automation in Wellington

It’s probably something you witnessed on TV and thought impossible in reality, but home automation in Wellington is a possibility. With the proper assistance, you can fully automate your home and operate it via your smartphone. You have to start with identifying a company that’s bold enough to try. Nightwind Developments can build whatever you may desire.

As opposed to popular belief, home automation has been around for a while and regarded as a luxurious feature designed for the elite. However, with the increased availability of smartphones and tablets, it’s a phenomenon that is not only a reality, but it is also becoming more common. Additionally, automating your home is now more affordable thanks to the continuous development in technology. Before you commit to it, take a close look at a few benefits of electronic automation.

  • Home automation adds a level of security to your property. Surely there have been several instances where someone in the home has left an appliance on and stepped out. You can access these appliances with your smartphone and switch them off remotely, ensuring you don’t return to a pile of ash.
  • Leaving the lights turned on is a common occurrence in homes where there are several occupants. Unfortunately, that leads to a massive electricity bill. Thankfully with home automation, you can control your lights, turning them off and saving you money.
  • Another aspect of automating the home is accessing security cameras on your device. You can often miss things that happen around your property, but with the installation of cameras, you can record and view footage anytime, anywhere.

We are passionate about technology in all its forms and strive to create solutions for people and businesses. When you have an idea for automating your home and it’s something that hasn’t yet been created, speak to us and we’ll do our best to turn your dream into a reality.

  • We’ll turn your generic voice assistant into one that can recognise your customised commands. Our team will write software to enhance the voice assistant’s capabilities to understand your specific actions and commands.
  • In the event you’re not satisfied with the home automation products on the market, we’ll help create a bespoke automation device to suit a range of applications according to your request. From automatic curtain rails to a plant that detects it requires water, the possibilities are endless.
  • We can help pull your old tech into the new age by combining its hardware with new software. A typical example is making your automatic gates controllable via your smartphone. Any outdated tech can be modified to work with you in modern times.

When you think of computer science and electronics, we are the go-to people. Our passion for the industry is what makes us stand out as we love taking on new challenges.

Contact us to automate your home.

Why Choose Us?

Solving (Your) Problems

Part of our role as engineers is to solve problems with technology. That is why we often say we provide solutions when describing our services. Our solutions can range from all sorts of mediums, from customised software to tangible electronic goods to a combination of both. 

We will work closely with you to ensure what we make absolutely solves your problem at hand. If something you need either doesn’t exist or its existing solutions aren’t adequate, we will custom make it for you.

Why Choose Us?

Going Above & Beyond

When we build something as a solution to you, we go above and beyond to ensure what we make for you is built to a high standard. 

This includes thoroughly researching any relevant background information, utilising service manuals, investigating existing solutions and working closely with other specialists to help us build it.

Why Choose Us?

Secure Design

It may sound like a no-brainer but when we design and build something, we always build it with security in mind and we work to ensure that what we make is as secure as possible.

This includes encrypting communication lines between devices where possible, identifying all possible points of vulnerability and ensuring that any data stored on our products are handled appropriately.

What We Can Do

We offer a range of services to make home automation work for you.

Specialised Software with Voice Assistant Support

Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Bixby & Mycroft AI

Don’t be limited by what your voice assistant can do out of the box. Let us make it work better for you.

We can write customised software that supports a wide range of voice assistants. Perfect for those who have a voice assistant that want it to do customised commands and complex actions.

Siri Support Coming Soon. If required urgently, please enquire.

Tailored-Made Devices & Solutions

Sometimes the smart-home tech you want either doesn’t exist or doesn’t quite work in the way you wanted.

We can build bespoke automation devices to suit a wide range of special applications. Whether you want an automatic curtain rail, a plant moisture monitoring system, a customised lighting system or something else, if you can dream it, chances are that we can build it.

After-Market Modifications & Retrofitting Services

We can bring new life to your old tech. Whether it’s combining a CCTV Camera Set with your old security system, retrofitting a voice assistant to your existing speakers, making your automatic gates controllable from your smartphone or something else, we can help.

Perfect for those who want to add or modify features from their old and out-of-service systems, such as old home security systems, outdated thermostats, home theatre systems, appliances, etc.

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