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Electronics Expertise

Creating customised electronics doesn’t have to be difficult.

With our expertise in general electronics, robotics and our ability to program microcontrollers, we can assist with the research, development and testing of customised electronics for you.

Who to Call When You Need Custom Programming or Electronic Prototyping

Do you have an idea for an application that you think would make a difference in your life, your business or on the general marketplace? Are you looking to create an effective and functional prototype of an electronic product you aren’t sure how to build on your own? At Nightwind Developments, we are happy to partner with you in these and similar situations. We provide the technical knowledge you need to reach the next stage of your product development process.

Why is what we do at Nightwind Developments so valuable to the clients we serve? Here are a few big reasons:

  • There’s not always a tech solution to solve your problem or pain point. These days, it seems like there is an app or product for everything. In truth, though, there are still limitations: still problems and pain points that haven’t been addressed or resolved. Rather than changing your lifestyle or work pattern to make a piece of technology work for you, team up with our custom electronics and software team to build something tailormade for your specific situation.
  • We have skills that aren’t always commonplace at a business. Businesses frequently have information technology professionals, but they don’t always have people who are skilled in a wide variety of programming languages. Robotic and electronic skills are even less common. We can give you access to these skills through an affordable and straightforward contract or commission model.
  • We work with individuals and businesses, no matter the size of the project. We aren’t the only business in the world that offers custom programming or electronic prototyping. We are unique, though, in that we aren’t just aiming to serve our offerings to big businesses. On the contrary, we believe that you don’t need to be a high-level company to need a high-level programmer or electronics engineer. Whether you’re an entrepreneur working on a minimum viable product or a homeowner trying to design custom home automation solutions, we can help.

Beyond our willingness to work with clients regardless of the size of the project, several factors make Nightwind Developments a particularly reliable partner for custom programming or custom electronics projects. These include:

  • We focus on you. We take the time to learn about your visions and goals, to understand the problems you are trying to solve and to deliver suitable solutions. This personalised approach has allowed us to build trust with our clientele quickly.
  • We are collaborative. In addition to drawing on your insight and ideas, we are happy to work with other specialists or team members to help us build the ideal bespoke solution. For instance, if high voltage electricity is going to be involved, we’ll collaborate with a licensed electrician. If the solution is related to the medical field, meanwhile, we’ll seek assistance from licensed doctors.
  • We are secure. We always design with security in mind, including testing and patching points of vulnerability, considering who should have access to certain features and encrypting communications where applicable.


Though we are a relatively new business, we have already begun to build a reputation for our work in computer software design, mobile application development, robotics, automation solutions and more. To learn more about our custom programming and electronic prototyping capabilities, contact us today.

Why Choose Us?

Solving (Your) Problems

Part of our role as engineers is to solve problems with technology. That is why we often say we provide solutions when describing our services. Our solutions can range from all sorts of mediums, from customised software to tangible electronic goods to a combination of both. 

We will work closely with you to ensure what we make absolutely solves your problem at hand. If something you need either doesn’t exist or its existing solutions aren’t adequate, we will custom make it for you.

Why Choose Us?

Going Above & Beyond

When we build something as a solution to you, we go above and beyond to ensure what we make for you is built to a high standard. 

This includes thoroughly researching any relevant background information, utilising service manuals, investigating existing solutions and working closely with other specialists to help us build it.

Why Choose Us?

Secure Design

It may sound like a no-brainer but when we design and build something, we always build it with security in mind and we work to ensure that what we make is as secure as possible.

This includes encrypting communication lines between devices where possible, identifying all possible points of vulnerability and ensuring that any data stored on our products are handled appropriately.

Electronics Services We Offer

Commissioned Technology

Sometimes, all you need is some custom made tech for your home or business.

With our expertise in robotics, we can help build customised devices for a range of applications. Whether you want to make your work easier to do, adapt an old technology to suit your modern needs or simply want to help make an environment safer, we can build something to help solve your needs.

Electronic Prototyping

Creating a prototype for your product doesn’t have to be daunting.

With our expertise, we can design, build and improve prototypes to bring your product idea to life. Whether your product idea involves speakers, motors, displays, buttons and perhaps something smarter, we can help bring it into reality.

Custom PCB Design

Connecting up a circuit with wires can get messy.

Fortunately, you can skip the wires with a compact and customised Printed Circuit Board. We can create PCB designs ready for a manufacturer to use.

Perfect for those who need a consolidated and compact circuit and those who want to bring their idea closer to reality.

Microcontroller Programming

Microcontrollers are in nearly anything electronic that moves, beeps or makes noise. They can be used in all sorts of real-world applications, from controlling motors to reading environmental sensors and reporting back to you.

Our ability to program microcontrollers means we can provide a much more refined experience in automation and can help provide the brains for your next electronic gadget.

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