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Agricultural & Rural Automation

Your Time is Valuable

Automation is never about replacing humans, it’s about getting machines to do the tedious and mundane tasks.

We understand that for farmers and other agricultural workers, your time is precious, which is why we offer a range of automation services geared for agricultural industry so you can spend your time on the things that matter.

Agricultural automation, a customised service offered by Nightwind Developments, is transforming the farming industry to be on par with modern business practices. We bring bespoke electronic and software solutions, optimised robotics, automation and mobile and computer applications to streamline farming processes. It delivers optimal success, reduces time-wastage on trivial tasks and increases productivity.

Long gone are the days when only high-level corporates enjoyed the benefits which skilled programmers bring to a business. Easy access to technology has transformed the way the modern world operates, including farming.

  • We create solutions to most challenges which you might experience while farming. Automated processes can’t replace humans in any industry, but it does have promising benefits such as reliable processing, cost-effective production and accurate reporting. It saves you time and money, allowing you to redistribute your resources more effectively to other vital areas of your operation.
  • A key feature of all our projects, from prototyping to minor changes, requires an exceptional level of built-in security. We research all possible vulnerabilities and take care to install excellent communication between various elements within your system, protecting your data at all times.
  • We exert all possible resources and often collaborate with professionals in specific fields to find solutions of the highest possible standard to solve your problems and challenges.

As a farmer, you are probably aware of the copious hours you and your staff spend on mind-numbing, time-consuming tasks. With us, you have the opportunity to change it all. Why not consider streamlining your farming practices and increase productivity through optimal results with our high-level programming? We can help you with the transition from outdated methods to modern-day solutions.

  • How much time do you spend driving around, covering vast distances to open and close taps, gates, or switches? An automated system can take care of these farming chores and ensure it happens remotely, according to set times.
  • You don’t have to adjust to the technology available. We create exclusive systems to adapt to your unique needs–systems that eliminate human error or negligence with negative implications on your production. For example, over- or under irrigation – automation enables you to complete specific actions, such as cattle herding, through opening and closing of gates remotely.
  • Accurate monitoring and reporting offer you a platform to make informed decisions to improve your farming practices. It gives you better insight into water and food consumption, production levels and weight gain in livestock. It eliminates estimates and errors and leaves you with accurate data.

We are a team dedicated to applying electronic engineering to deliver automated solutions to your challenges. From our office in Wellington, our growing business solves problems globally. Our company vision is to deliver high-end solutions on par with professional programming standards regardless of the size, type or location of your business.

Why settle for less when you can trust the best? We make tech solutions easy for all.

Speak to us and learn more about how we can develop, adapt and utilise complex systems to simplify your life.

Why Choose Us?

Solving (Your) Problems

Part of our role as engineers is to solve problems with technology. That is why we often say we provide solutions when describing our services. Our solutions can range from all sorts of mediums, from customised software to tangible electronic goods to a combination of both. 

We will work closely with you to ensure what we make absolutely solves your problem at hand. If something you need either doesn’t exist or its existing solutions aren’t adequate, we will custom make it for you.

Why Choose Us?

Going Above & Beyond

When we build something as a solution to you, we go above and beyond to ensure what we make for you is built to a high standard. 

This includes thoroughly researching any relevant background information, utilising service manuals, investigating existing solutions and working closely with other specialists to help us build it.

Why Choose Us?

Secure Design

It may sound like a no-brainer but when we design and build something, we always build it with security in mind and we work to ensure that what we make is as secure as possible.

This includes encrypting communication lines between devices where possible, identifying all possible points of vulnerability and ensuring that any data stored on our products are handled appropriately.

Our Services

We can create a range of solutions to your needs.

Solenoid Tap installed into piping in the ground

Automating Appliances

Tired of having to drive around to each and every gate, tap or switch?

Not to worry, we can help by automating various pieces of equipment on the field to help speed up the task so you can focus on the things that matter.

We could install electronically controlled irrigation taps that activate when there’s low soil moisture for those that crop growers, install electronically controllable gates for those that herd cattle, or something else. We are flexible to the many unique needs of the agricultural industry.

Smarter Monitoring

We can implement convenient monitoring solutions to help save you time and energy.

Perfect for those who have to perform repetitive measurement tasks, such as measuring water levels, tracking down lost animals or checking the weather conditions at certain locations or something else.

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